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Destino de Colores

Exalt your senses and live incredible experiences with the charms of our Province Pichincha

Destinos de colores in Pichincha

Pichincha is one of the 24 provinces of Ecuador. Its capital is the city of Quito, home of the Quito Trail by UTMB.

A privileged province, full of tourist attractions, both for its diverse cultural manifestations and for its multiple natural sites, a proposal to discover the beautiful contrasts of nature, the variety of flavors and the cultural richness as part of our identity, which keeps history in every corner.

Pichincha has one of the 7 Biosphere Reserves, the Andean Chocó, a space for environmental preservation and responsible and sustainable touristic development. It also invites tourists to practice nature tourism, outdoor sports and a lot of adventure

We present a selection of towns in the rural areas of the province that offer visitors tourism experiences oriented towards contact with nature and culture; sustainable and community-based tourism experiences.